How long do TASU chips stay fresh?

TASU chips will stay fresh in an unopened bag for up to eight months. Once the bag is opened, we recommend enjoying it or sharing the entire 1-oz bag. Since TASU chips contain no additives or preservatives, the fruit chi

What does TASU stand for?

TASU stands for “The Amazing Snack Utopia”.

Are TASU chips by any chance fried?

No way! Our fruit chips are dried, which results in the crunchy texture that most of our fans love.

Do you add any sugar to the fruit?

Nope. No sugar. Just fruit!

Where do ingredients to make TASU chips come from?

...And by ingredients, of course you mean fruit :) Our fruit is carefully selected from the Guatemalan countryside, where there is a friendly climate that delivers fresh fruit year-round.

Where can I buy TASU chips?

In addition to supermarket stores, you can find TASU chips in many local delis. Click here for a complete list of where to find us.

If I eat a bag of TASU chips how many fruits am I really eating?

Each individual bag contains 1 ounce of dried fruit, the equivalent to two servings of fruit.

Are TASU chips gluten-free?

YES! In fact, our production facilities only processes fruit and operate under a wheat and nut-free environment.

What makes TASU chips so healthy?

The only ingredient used to make our tasty chips is fruit. This fruit is carefully selected from crops in Guatemala to create the most flavorful and the healthiest snacks.

What are TASU chips?

TASU chips are crunchy flavor-packed chips made up entirely of fruit. That means we use no additives or preservatives, and of course, we add no sugar to it.