“providing the world with an easy and convenient way of eating fruit and living a healthier life”

The fruit to make TASU chips was harvested in selected lands


TASU was conceived by four snackers with the idea of providing the world
with an easy and convenient way of eating fruit and living a healthier
life. We realized that the combination of remarkably tasting and
truly healthy snacks was hard to come by, so we created
TASU, by taking fruit from Guatemalan growers and
drying it in the form of a chip. It took many moons
to create the right snack, one that is healthy, all natural,
and most importantly, awesome-tasting. After hard-word,
dedication, and tons of fruit tasting, we present the first of
many products: TASU Chips
This is only the beginning...
Welcome to the TASU way of life!


This delicious, crunchy, flavored-packed snack takes
the guilt out of snacking!


"Our founding

Born and raised in Guatemala, Gerardo first encountered food production during his early teens, and he was hooked! His passion for food drove him to earn a degree in food engineering at Purdue and later to become a pastry chef. Gerardo’s extensive knowledge of the food industry, combined with a well-seasoned palate, make him a perfect fit with TASU’s vision and fabulous products. Gerardo has an MBA from Babson College.


Juan is a Venezuelan turned New Yorker and one of six kids. Born in Venezuela, he was raised in Florida. Since graduating from Virginia Tech, Juan has been intrigued by the fast-paced nature of startups and has worked with his family developing various businesses. Through his passion of working with family, Juan and Cristian, his best friend –business partner - and brother from another family, came together to become the new family: TASU.


Cristian hails from Guatemala City. He went to school at Virginia Tech and was Juan’s roommate and partner in crime. When the chance to start up something groundbreaking came about he connected the best group of people he knew to start pursuing this new adventure that became what we know now as TASU. Working in the industry as a business developer with world class organizations has given him the tools to help TASU jumpstart its operations.


Lorena is an obsessed foodie who grew up in Guatemala. After graduating from Georgetown, she worked in consumer insights in the U.S. and Latin America, studying consumers’ palates and taste preferences. After several years of managing regional brands, Lorena joined forces with a team of equally passionate snackers to create TASU. Lorena has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.


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